Basic training course

Master the amazing world of paragliding and the sky will become your friend!

The course takes about 2 weeks (10 days of practical training). Includes theoretical, ground training. On the 3rd-4th day of training, student makes the first flights from small hills. Training is carried out on the equipment of the instructor, selected for the parameters of the cadet (weight, height). The course ends with long flights in a dynamic lift. According the results of tests passing, student obtains the pilot’s licence.

The basic knowledge, skills and abilities of cadets that have passed the BASIC program of training in paragliding:

1. Preparing for flight
1) Equipment
 — Main characteristics of the paraglider and its suitability for use by this pilot
 — Main certification systems for paragliders
 — Pre-flight check of equipment
 — Rescue systems-control, application procedure, reasons for use
 — Preparing the equipment for flight

2) weather Conditions
 — The strength and direction of the wind
 — Dangerous weather events
 — Weather forecast

3) starting Place
 — Terrain
 — Tublence zones
 — Choice of main and alternative landing places
 — Airspace

2. Lifting a paraglider and controlling it on the ground with different wind forces

3. Start
1) pre-Launch equipment control
2) Start from the slope in a wind of 2 – 5 m / s
3) Start in the calm

4. Flight
1) the Purpose and plan of the flight
2) Search for a spare parachute handle
3) Adequate and proportionate work with brakes and weight
4) straight-Line flight at full speed and on the braked wing
5) Turns with more or less loss of height on 90, 180 and 360 dergees.
6) dynamic upstream Flights
7) creating a buildup of pitch and roll, the return of the paraglider in straight flight
8) landing Approach and precision landing in various weather conditions
9) rules of divergence in the air and flights in the group

5. Landing
1) landing at the target, methods of approach
2) Landing on an unprepared site
3) Landing on the top, on the slope
4) ways to pack a paraglider in calm and in the wind

6. Common knowledge
1) Basics of air law
2) Aviation security
3) air traffic Management
4) Micrometeorology
5) Aerodynamics of the glider
6) Dangerous flight modes
7) Soaring in the thermal lifts

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