Tandem flights

The paraglider is the lightest existing aircraft. It is often confused with a parachute, which they really are similar to, but the philosophy of paragliding is quite different. Do not fall down, then gently fall to the ground, but first spread out the dome on the side of the mountain, then fill in with wind and fly. Paraglider is made to fly, to soar, gaining altitude and enjoying an incomparable feeling of free flight.
The paraglider can gain altitude even in weak airlifts, which means that it can stay in the air for a very long time without any engine.
The easiest way to soar above the ground is to fly a 2-seat tandem paraglider with an instructor. You don’t need any skills — just desire and a little determination. A bird’s-eye view of the earth without the hum of the turbines or the roar of the propeller. There are no portholes and a cramped cabin-the view on a paraglider is almost unlimited. Flight in absolute silence, as in a dream, only the noise of the wind and the vast expanse of the fifth ocean around.
In a nutshell the whole process of paragliding in tandem can be described as follows:
the passenger and the tandem master are attached to the paraglider using power rockers. The passenger is positioned in front to see everything and nothing interferes with the view. The instructor follows the passenger, as he needs to bring the wing to flight status, manage it during the flight and when landing. In fact, the master of the tandem controls the entire system (the passenger simply enjoys the flight, sitting in a chair called the suspension system).

We use new equipment that is certified according to the international standards and has a huge margin of safety.