Basic tandem-flight at Yutsa mount, KMV

Paragliding flight in tandem with an instructor is the easiest way to feel like a bird!

The flight is carried out from one of the mountains of the Caucasian Mineral Waters — Yutsa, Mashuk (Pyatigorsk), Belaya (Uchkeken), Rim-mountains (Uchkeken).

The standard flight duration is 10 – 15 minutes.
Want longer, higher and steeper? Sign up for a flight in the big mountains!
Free transfer for our passangers from Pyatigorsk.
Additional option-photo-video shooting on our professional action camera — 1000 rubles.

We fly all year round! You don’t need any special skills — just desire and a little determination. In most cases, people simply convince themselves that they are afraid of heights. After the flight, they realize that they were really only afraid of the unknown.
Preparation for the flight takes 15 minutes — the passenger is dressed in a jumpsuit, helmet and harness. The passenger and the pilot are equally attached to the paraglider by special carbines and spreaders.
Then a small run-up, just a few steps, and the crew is already in the air!
The instructor controls the paraglider in flight, and the passenger enjoys the flight sitting in the harness. The passenger’s hands are free and they can take photos and videos.

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