Welcome to the Paragliding in Caucasus website!

We are fliyng at the Chegem paradrom, at the Caucasian Mineral Waters region — mount Yutsa, and many other flying places in the North Caucasus

We are doing paragliding tandem flights, training in independent flights and organizing sports events.

About us

We are the team of professional instructors, fliyng safe for a long time

We speak English

What do we offer

- paragling tandem flights at paradrom Chegem

- paragliding tandem flights in the Pyatigorsk city (mounts Yutsa and Mashuk)

- flight training courses (basic and advanced)

- free of charge transfers for our passangers and students

- paraglideing equipment for sell and rent

Why we

- we are professionals

- individual program for every student

- we know our fliyng places best

- safety is the main thing!

- everybody are happy with us!


Сезон полетов 2022 открыт!

Полеты на параплане с инструктором, гора Юца, флайпарк Чегем, обучение на самостоятельного пилота 

Сезон полетов 2021 открыт!

Полеты с инструктором на параплане 2021, Юца, флайпарк Чегем 

Flight season 2020 is open

+7 918 758 7718