VIP-flight in Chegem

Paragliding in tandem with an instructor is the easiest way to feel like a bird!

Guaranteed flight duration is 40+ minutes!

Paradrom Chegem is an unique place, perhaps having no analogues within a radius of several thousand kilometers! Paradrom is located in a closed valley, protected by high ridges from the plains winds and bad weather. From the East and West, the valley is closed by the walls of the Bizengi and Baksan gorges, from the South the mountain Zinki itself works as a shield, and from the North-a Rocky ridge. The well-known Chegem waterfalls are located in the split of the Rocky ridge, and passing them in the direction of paradrom, you can often notice a sharp change in the weather from cloudy to clear — most of the clouds are cut off by the ridge.

Average flight altitude ia about 200 – 500 meters above the take off, the record height is 3100 meters (!). In addition to paragliders, there are hang gliders and many species of birds that make up our company flying here.

You don’t need any special skills — just desire and a little determination. In most cases, people simply convince themselves that they are afraid of heights. After the flight, they realize that they were really only afraid of the unknown.

Preparation for the flight takes 15 minutes — the passenger is dressed in a jumpsuit, helmet and harness. The passenger and the pilot are equally attached to the paraglider by special carbines and spreaders.
Then a small run-up, just a few steps, and the crew is already in the air!
The instructor controls the paraglider in flight, and the passenger enjoys the flight sitting in the harness. The passenger’s hands are free and they can take photos and videos.

The flight season at the Chegem airfield is from March to October inclusive. (In Pyatigorsk — year-round).

FREE transfer for the passangers, from Pyatigorsk and Nalchik.

Transfer for accompanying NON-flying persons (friends, relatives) — 1500 rubles.
Additional option-photo-video shooting using our professional action camera — 1000 rubles.

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